Ongoing: Artist Referral Program!!

Don’t forget! Our artist referral program is still going on - for two months total! Convince your musically-inclined bros, brosefs, dudes, dudettes, ladies, girlfrans, sisters, cousins, cool dads, etc. to create an account on Grooveshark Artists (and love us in the process?) and we’ll send free promotions over your way!

Make sure you’re registered on Grooveshark Artists, have at least one song in your profile, and get your fellow musicians to sign up to. THAT’S IT. We will play your music for potential fans via Grooveshark Radio! Here’s the breakdown:

  • 5 referrals = 2,000 targeted Radio plays + 1 month VIP
  • 10 referrals = 4,000 targeted Radio plays + 6 months VIP + chance to win site skin
  • 15 referrals = 6,000 targeted Radio plays + 1 year VIP + chance to win site skin
  • 20 referrals = 20,000 targeted Radio plays + lifetime VIP + chance to win site skin
  • Top 10 referrals overall = Featured on Grooveshark social media (50k+ readers)
  • Top 5 referrals overall = Custom banner ads featured on Grooveshark
  • Winner will receive a free custom site skin on Grooveshark ($10,000+ value)

    For further information on how to enter, click here.