Grooveshark Sessions @The Fest: The Measure (SA)

Last Halloween, we had the opportunity to meet & mingle with several artists during the Fest 9 and our first annual “Grooveshark Sessions”. Around 17 artists met up with us at Medusa Studios to record one live, acoustic track and an interview to be exclusively released via Grooveshark. Well, after months of unwinding, editing, mixing, mastering, etc. - the tracks and interviews are here!

Up next is the Measure (SA), an amazing female-fronted indie/punk/rock band from Brooklyn or New Brunswick (depends on who you ask). They were the first band to participate in our Fest Sessions, and lucky for us, they kick-started the Sessions with a bang by being wonderfully cooperative, highly energetic, overwhelmingly kind, and above all playing a kick-ass unreleased acoustic track! Interview below:

We’re here with the Measure (SA), and they just played an awesome song - acoustic style! We’re also here with your chipmunks-

Fid:  Beavers. Note the tail!

Beavers! We’ve got your beavers here. Which I like. They’re all staring at me though, which is hard. Tell us about the song – is it normally electric/full band?

Lauren: We have a recorded version of it that’s actually me playing acoustic guitar but with drums and bass, more full band style. The song lends itself more to acoustic in the first place, so when choosing the song for today, it made the most sense. We were trying to put it on the new record and it just didn’t quite work out.

F: This isn’t released, so this is cool.

You lucky little fans, you get to hear this!

F: Yes, all two of you!

Tell us about your music scene as far as when you’re not on the road and you’re stationed at home.

F: We live in Brooklyn, but the band started in New Brunswick so we always say we’re from New Brunswick. There’s a really great crossover between New Brunswick bands and Brooklyn bands – everyone comes around and plays each other’s shows all the time. Big Eyes are actually coming into this room right after we’re done with this interview, they’re an excellent band from that area. The Screaming Females are blowing up right now, and they’re a pretty good representation of the way things are run in New Brunswick right now. They played basement shows for forever and that’s sort of how our scene operates. Bands come through, everything is low-key, you can give all the money to the touring bands… pretty excellent.

L: We’re lucky to be able to be living in a place where there’s New Brunswick and Brooklyn and a great crossover. There’s just so many bands right now that are playing shows all the time or going on tour – it’s not like we live in a town where there are 5 other bands that we like playing with. The list goes on for forever right now!

F: It’s kind of staggering – I can’t think of one band in particular that I like just because there are so many. Shellshag would be a good example.

So I guess the overall theme for people listening is check out the Brooklyn and New Brunswick theme because there’s a rich melting pot of music happening!

D: And there’s about 50 shows happening a night because there are so many people and everyone is in a bands – you’re almost spoiled for choice. Every time I call my friends asking to come see the Measure, they’re playing a show too. And I always want to see their band too!  But, I don’t think those are big problems.

There was one thing I wanted to ask Lauren about. A lot of people used to talk about how the Fest started out like a boys club – very male dominated. Over the years, you see bands like Bridge and Tunnel with a strong female presence garnering attention – what’s your view on the female role within the Fest as it is today?

L: I feel like I’ve talked to a lot of people about that view of the Fest. We played in Tampa last night as a pre-Fest show – it was representative of a lot of the bands that are playing the Fest. And you know what? We played right before the Soviettes. There are so many women playing Fest this year – let alone previous years – that I never got the impression that they were taking male-fronted bands over female-fronted bands. I’ve never had a problem with that vibe. I can see why some people do because there are a lot of guys.

F: Any complaint that I would hear regarding this wasn’t really the musical selections, people were more put off by a thousand shirtless dudes running around. But it’s hot down here damnit!

Maybe that’s it – maybe it’s just all the shirtless men. Is your next album coming out on No Idea?

L: Yup. Our new LP CD just came out on No Idea earlier this month [10/6/2010]

Cool! Thanks for coming in and doing this guys, and a big thank you to Medusa Studios and Dave Melosh! Any last words guys?

F: I would like to specifically thank Dave Melosh for throwing two Natty Ice’s in the freezer especially for me to drink. They’re cold now!